Classy White MDF Dining Buffet Cabinet

Indulge in the opulence of our luxurious, modern-designed buffet cabinet crafted from pristine white MDF material, accompanied by a matching mirror. This timeless and versatile piece adds a touch of sophistication to any dining room or kitchen area.

The buffet cabinet boasts a contemporary design that seamlessly seats flat to the floor, imparting a sense of spaciousness to your room. It features two soft-close drawers and four soft-close doors, offering both functional storage and a sleek aesthetic. The modern finish is accentuated by silver trim in front, providing a stylish and elegant look that complements any decor.

Please be aware that this exquisite item comes in a flat pack, necessitating assembly. Rest assured, the process is straightforward, allowing you to bring this luxurious addition to your home with ease.

The measurements for the buffet are W180cm * H80cm * W40cm, while the accompanying mirror dimensions are L180cm * H70cm * W2.5cm.

Elevate your space with this sophisticated buffet cabinet and matching mirror, where timeless design meets modern elegance.

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